Town of Wingham Festival of Lanterns Friday October 25 , 2019.

Our Mandate


The Festival of Lanterns

The Festival of Lanterns is a Not-for-Profit organization, completely volunteer driven community event whose purpose is to foster tourism, economic development, and community spirit by involving all residents, businesses and organizations in planning and implementing the event. 

Each year, we review and set our goals for the festival. Some events are added and some are dropped. We are currently in our 6th year.

Mandate & Goals

  1. To encourage volunteerism and community friendships.
  2. To create an event appealing to all ages.
  3. To decorate the entire community with a Halloween theme from Thanksgiving weekend to the End of October.
  4. To create a special evening the last Friday of October with lanterns, music, games, spirit walks, stories and treats for both young and old.
  5. To work closely with the retail sector and a festival spirit downtown that lasts from Thanksgiving to Halloween.
  6. To have fun and celebrate the Halloween season.